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A Beginner’s Guide to Grow Tents

A Beginner’s Guide to Grow Tents

Are you trying to set up a tent to grow plants all year long?

Then, this step-by-step guide might be just right for you.

A grow tent is typically a set-up where you create the right weather conditions to grow crops or herbs of choice. It allows flexibility in terms of light, temperature and humidity controls, and act as a micro-environment (the right kind) for the plants to grow and reproduce happily. Now let’s see how to do that:

Step 1: Look for the right size tent

Consider how much space you require for your set-up. For example, 1mX1mX2m size tent might be right for a small or a decent size set-up but for larger sizes you might want to consider a bigger tent. Check the link to know more about the range of sizes available in grow-tents. Ensure the inlet and outlet holes of your tent are big enough for ducts and pipes to pass through.

Step 2: Look for a tent with durable material

Try to pick a tent made of high tensile material with good absorption and reflecting properties. Ideally, you don’t want your light flux to leak out. Make sure the tent material is resistant to moisture, chemicals, and free of undesirable odours. Mylar, also known as BioPET, is a perfect example of a tent material with durability and great electrical insulation properties.

Step 3: Install grow lights

Mostly cool LED grow lights with a broad-spectrum range are suitable for hydroponics or indoor farming. However, wavelength-specific red or blue lights can be installed based on the crops or herbs you are growing.

Step 4: Install the air circulation system, filters, and temperature controls

Fit a circulation fan to ensure the air is properly distributed throughout the space and use an extractor duct fan to remove toxic gases. Further, fit a carbon filter to absorb undesirable fumes and odours. You can also install temperature monitoring unit for alerts if heat builds up in the tent. 50-70% humidity is desirable for most plants. Hence, advanced growers also use humidity monitoring devices to keep a check on air moisture levels.

Complete tent kits are available at HomeGrow to make your first installation easy and smooth. Please contact us for more information and we should be able to assist you with your indoor growing needs.

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