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Save Up To 35% Off Mars Hydro!
LED Lights for Indoor Growing

LED Lights for Indoor Growing

Light has a tremendous effect on plant growth and development. Hence, low energy consuming lights such as light-emitting diodes (LEDs) are becoming increasingly popular for horticulture and hydroponic applications due to their durability, cool emission, and specific wavelength.


Mostly, plants require a visible spectrum of light (wavelength from 380-700nm) and research indicates that different plants may require different wavelengths for optimum development. For example, research has shown that rice plants grown under a combination of red (660nm) and blue light (470nm) can have a higher photosynthetic rate than rice plants grown under red light only. Lettuce plants grown under red LEDs have more leaves compared to lettuce plants grown under blue LEDs.


Further, different light regimes may be required for transitioning to flowering or reproductive stages. For example, crops such as rice and soybean need short photoperiod (8-10 hrs) for flowering, whereas potato, spinach, and lettuce require longer photoperiods. Hence, a light source that can be fine-tuned to plants’ requirements is often preferred for hydroponic or indoor grow systems.


Full-spectrum lights which offer a combination of all wavelengths can be ideal for growing various crops and vegetables. HomeGrow is proud to supply Mars Hydro FC 6500 Samsung Full Spectrum LED Grow Light for high-quality and sustainable growth. This full-spectrum light comes with a dimmer function, offers sunlike full-spectrum white light, makes less noise, and comes with an efficient heat dissipation system. Also, check out our Pro Grow-LED-Model-E 680 W 8 Bar which is another full-spectrum light source with a colour rendering index (CRI) of 91.8. CRI is a measure of how colours look under different light sources as compared to sunlight. The higher the CRI, the better is the light source.


We also offer HLG lights for hydroponic systems. HLG offers full-spectrum white light with a 470nm blue source. Further, it emits diffused cool light which is good for canopy penetration. Our other HLG products can be found here.


Another fabulous option for our customers is the Spider Farmer range of LED grow lights. Spider-farmer-of-2000-dimmable-led-grow-light is a dimmable and full-spectrum LED which should be a great value for your money.


Please choose your light source wisely for obtaining optimum produce and great profits. HomeGrow is happy to assist you with more information. Until then, happy growing!

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