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Ventilation in Indoor Growing: Why is it Important?

Ventilation in Indoor Growing: Why is it Important?

Ventilation in an indoor garden is necessary to dissipate excess heat, humidity and to circulate fresh air.


If your indoor garden is poorly ventilated, then plants growing in these spaces may experience heat stress and toxicity due to the lack of oxygen and accumulation of carbon-di-oxide. Also, severe stress may lead to programmed cell death and deteriorate the yield. Hence, circulating fresh air is vital for the quality of products or fruits you expect from your garden. A fully or semi-automated exhaust system with fans and ducts can resolve this issue, but customers should make sure they have the right products available for ventilating their indoor gardens.


What is needed for a ventilation system?

Ductsexhaust fansdehumidifiers, temperature controls, and carbon filters are some of the main components of an efficient ventilation system. These devices are specifically designed for indoor growing systems and can monitor the heat, moisture and carbon-di-oxide levels precisely. Further, the system can be fully automated to alert the user if heat and humidity cross the desired levels. 



In semi-automated systems, an oscillating fan would do wonders in circulating the air around the tent. The size of the fan is often rated by cubic feet per minute (CFM). CFM is calculated by multiplying the volume of the room by exhaust duct efficiency. Duct efficiency depends on the length of the duct with longer ducts having an efficiency of 3, and short ducts close to 2. 


In more advanced systems, a duct fan can be beneficial. Check out our AC Infinity CLOUDLINE Series Fans. It is an absolutely fine product for silent heat extraction, air circulation, and cooling AV closets and exhaust doors. The smart controller allows you to adjust the temperature, humidity, and fan speed based on your requirements. These fans' power range from 205 CFM to 1604 CFM, which is ideal for high static pressure systems. 


Additionally, air adsorption devices such as charcoal filters are for extracting chemicals and odours which can create localised toxicity and damage the plants. Our high adsorption AC Infinity Duct Charocal Carbon Filters is just right for removing toxic fumes and air. It comes with a premium Australian charcoal bed and can be used with inline ducts for both intake and exhaust purposes. 


Fresh air is vital for any living entity and so it is for your indoor plants. Make sure you give them a clean and fresh home to thrive! Happy growing and happy living!



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