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Save Up To 35% Off Mars Hydro!
Save Up To 35% Off Mars Hydro!

Adjust-A-Wings Avenger Medium & Large

Original price $144.21 - Original price $335.28
Original price
$144.21 - $335.28
Current price $241.01


The Avenger is the most superior reflector on the market. Avenger's reflects 97% of all available light thanks to the PVD coating (Physical Vapour Deposition). Australia best hydroponic DIY grow light reflector, air cooled hood for hydroponic indoor plants. Thanks to the PVD, Avengers return a minimum of 6% more UV light to the plants than any other industry shade. A must have for medicinal growers and connoisseurs alike. The Avenger resists dulling and corroding under normal grow room conditions for 5 years. Clean regularly with a Windex type cleaner and soft cloth.

The Avenger is the premium, top of the range Adjust-A-Wings Reflector. The super reflective surface is vapour coated with molten glass, titanium dioxide and is PVD / ceramic coated creating an enormous 95-97% reflectivity. This is the most reflective and most durable reflective surface on the market and it will maintain full refection for up to 20 years.

Great with any Indoor hydroponics system. Some examples of indoor hydroponics systems are Ebb & Flow, Drip Irrigation and Deep Water Culture (DWC).



  • Double parabolic lighting reflector
  • Twice the power and efficiency of most other reflectors
  • Corrosion resistant
  • 97% reflective
  • Glass coated super alloy
  • Supplied with a Super Spreader


Dimensions (Overall dimension at Widest Setting):

  • Medium: 70cm x 55cm (27.5³ x 21.5³). Perfect for a 400w or 600w lamp.
  • Large: 100cm x 70cm (39.5³ x 27.5³). Perfect for a 1000w lamp or TWO 400w or TWO 600w lamps.


Assembly Instructions