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Aptus BreakOut Powder 100g

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Aptus Breakout Powder provides great value for small and large scale cultivators as an easy to use flower setting and bulking product. Breakout Powder is formulated using the highest quality water-soluble concentrates of phosphorous, potassium, and sulfur helping to achieve higher yields and better taste.

With its easy-measure formulation, APTUS Breakout powder takes the guess work out of application rates. Accurate application can be done in the field with no scales or extra devices. Aptus Breakout Powder is an economical, stable and powerful flower enhancer that promotes additional flower growth and development in the last 3 weeks of the bloom phase.

BREAKOUT POWDER is not an equivalent to PEAKBOOST and FINALEBOOST. The APTUS mineral antagonism principle of separating phosphorus and potassium is not present in this product. BREAKOUT POWDER provides a high-quality option for gardeners looking for a cost effective, water-soluble flowering additive.

BREAKOUT POWDER consists of monopotassium phosphate, a concentrated source of both phosphorus and potassium. These elements are 100% critical to the production of energy and photosynthetic activity within the plant. In addition, BREAKOUT POWDER contains potassium and magnesium sulfates to ensure strong aroma with the highest quality end products.

Low-cost and high-quality source of important phosphorus, potassium and sulphur

Economical with extremely low-dilution ratio of up to 100 grams per 100 litres

Pre-filled easy-measure 100 g sachets allow you to pour a half (50 g per 100 litres) or full (100 g per 100 litres) strength application

Provides a strong source of sulphur to enhance colours and flavours during the maturation stage

Add one sachet at a time to your mixed reservoir and stir well. Always add BREAKOUT POWDER after all other fertilisers and Boosters have been added. Remember to always add FASiLITOR to your clean reservoir before any other products. Use during the last 3 weeks of flowering, or if flushing, the last 3 weeks
of your feeding schedule.

To increase calyx size and dry weight without losing quality, use BREAKOUT POWDER for the first 3 days of your 4th last week. Do not use in conjunction with PEAKBOOST or FINALEBOOST.

Phosphorus (P): Improver of overall crop quality, crucial element in photosynthetic units of energy

Potassium (K): Essential component for the production of photosynthetic units of energy, regulator of plant-water content and CO2 consumption

Sulphur (S): Vital component of plant proteins, essential to formation of certain oils in specific plants

Always ensure all other APTUS products have been correctly added to the reservoir and mixed well before adding BREAKOUT POWDER.

For best results and fruit set always ensure BREAKOUT POWDER is used during the last 3 weeks of flowering, or the last 3 weeks of your feeding schedule.

Use only at 50 grams (half a sachet) per 100L for the first week (3rd last week of bloom feed schedule) and 100g per 100L for the second and third.

Do not use in addition to PEAKBOOST and or FINALEBOOST.

Always check your EC after adding BREAKOUT POWDER to your reservoir. Adjust with fresh water if necessary.

dosagE instructions

Feeding Type


Week 6 / 3rd last week of feed schedule

50 grams per 100 litres

Week 7 / 2nd last week of feed schedule

100 grams per 100 litres

Week 8 / last week of feed schedule

100 grams per 100 litres


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