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Save Up To 35% Off Mars Hydro!
Save Up To 35% Off Mars Hydro!

Aptus Ecozen

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Ecozen is a powerful blend of enzymes that have many different functions, including, keeping the root surface clean and removing dead organic matter and residues. These are important functions for soil health, rhizosphere and maintaining active nutrient uptake. Ecozen also contains enzyme complexes that transform accumulated or precipitated salts into usable plant nutrients. 

This helps to stabilise EC in the medium and improves the plant’s natural ability to absorb more nutrients while avoiding fertiliser salt build up that can cause antagonism, lock up and pathogen problems in the root system.

Overall Ecozen is an effective root and soil conditioner that works in conjunction with microbial life and bioavailable nutrition. Ecozen also contains a small amount of manganese, which stimulates micro-life, which in turn help further breakdown and recycle the material broken down by the enzymes.

As roots grow, some die off to make room for new

growth. This results in cellulose (starchy plant matter) around the roots, which inhibits nutrient absorption and microbial development. The cellulase in ECOZEN breaks down cellulose and keeps the roots clean.

Beta-glucanase enzyme complexes transform precipitated nutrient salts into plant-available nutrients helping to minimise build-up and increase uptake.

Manganese (Mn) plays a role in the process of supplying energy for photosynthesis. In addition, high concentrations of manganese correlate to high levels of sugars in plants.

Grow mediums can be used longer and for multiple cycles (less medium replacement saves cost and work)

Stabilises EC in mediums and prevents salts accumulation (decreases nutrient lock-up)

Can fertilise later in the cycle without risk of built up salts affecting flavour and quality

Keeps root system and medium clean (improves absorption, reduces residues)

Add ECOZEN to your nutrient mixture every feeding during all stages of plant growth
to keep the medium clean and healthy.

ECOZEN may also be applied at double strength once per week if desired. Do not allow ECOZEN to sit in a reservoir with nutrients for more than 24 hours. Preferably add just prior to feeding.

For longer, multi-day reservoirs, add ECOZEN to the nutrient reservoir 24 hours before replacing with fresh feed.

Cellulase and beta-glucanase enzyme

complexes – Root zone conditioners

Manganese – Crucial component for photosynthesis

Reuse your grow medium for multiple cycles. Flush medium between cycles with a higher dosage (1 ml per 1 litre) of ECOZEN to clean out dead plant material and accumulated nutrient salts. For best results; soak medium for 24 hours in a solution of 1 ml per 1L ECOZEN & 2 ml per 1L MINERAL-CALMAG.

Do not leave a reservoir with nutrients and ECOZEN for more than a day to avoid nutrient degradation. Ideally, ECOZEN is added last to the nutrient solution just before feeding.

Enzymes start to work instantly, especially at temperatures higher than 20 degrees celsius.

Use ECOZEN at least once a week to keep the root area clean and nutrient assimilation optimised.

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