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Save Up To 35% Off Mars Hydro!

Aptus Fasilitor

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$60.95 - $1,959.95
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As the flagship of the APTUS product lineup, FASiLITOR is extremely concentrated, pure and fast acting.

While it is a silica-based solution, it is unlike any other silica product on the market. FASiLITOR’s patented formula works by increasing vascular pressure within the plant to heighten mineral translocation throughout its entire structure resulting in more complete, robust and quality tissue formation.

The patented and stabilised concentration of monomer silicic acid particles allows for fast response against abiotic and biotic stress factors (environmental and pests), shorter internodal spacing, incredible bio-availability and increased yields all while utilising natural mechanisms within the plant to gain these benefits.

Fasilitor education

Silicic acid provides bioavailable silica that is easily translocated to needed areas within the plant including signs of insect attack, cell wall and tissue formation.
In addition, FASiLITOR’s silicic acid formula works to distribute boron (B) evenly throughout the plant’s tissue which is the precursor for cell formation, movement of plant energy (sugars) and setting flowers.

The third and final trace mineral in FASiLITOR is molybdenum. Molybdenum is an essential component of enzymatic processes within the plant that convert nitrates into compounds used to manufacture amino acids, convert inorganic phosphorus into organic forms within the plant and is also crucial to bacteria that fix atmospheric nitrogen into your soil.

Why use fasilitor?

Resistance against abiotic (environmental: temperature, wind, drought)

Resistance against biotic stress (living: pests and pathogens)

Improves uptake, absorption and utilisation of nutrients

Stronger cell structures and epidermis layer creating thicker tissue (increases dry yield)

Reduces internodal spacing by adjusting mineral translocation to new limbs

Increases resistance against salinity (nutrient salt buildup) by limiting uptake of excess minerals present in the planting medium

Reduces transpiration (loss of moisture from the leaves) by forming thick cell walls which are made primarily of silica and calcium

How to use

Add FASiLITOR to the water in your reservoir first before any other products. This is important due to the method in which the monomer-silicic-acid particles are stabilised. Failure to do so will result in a loss of FASiLITOR’s benefits.

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