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Save Up To 35% Off Mars Hydro!

Aptus FinaleBoost

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FINALEBOOST along with its sibling product PEAKBOOST make up the APTUS flower development and bulking solution. Perhaps the most noticeable implementation of the Third Pillar of APTUS philosophy: mineral antagonism, FINALEBOOST moves the vast majority of potassium used during the bloom cycle solely into one product. With this formulation, APTUS has allowed for absolute control of heightened potassium application throughout the specific phases of a plant’s growth cycle.

On top of allowing for specific potassium application in consideration of your plant genetics, stage in the growth cycle, or desired flower set behaviour, the potassium in APTUS FINALEBOOST is chelated into an organo-mineral product. With the addition of L-amino acids, the potassium has eyes only for the plants’ roots and has a much smaller chance of being affected by outside factors.

The specific application of chelated potassium allows for optimal health by removing the negative antagonistic effects of cheap bulk products containing high amounts of both potassium and phosphorus. With APTUS FINALEBOOST, you will see the difference in your final harvest by having optimal chelated potassium with the elements usually antagonised away including: nitrogen, calcium and magnesium.

  • Organic nitrogen provided by L-amino acids promotes robust tissue formation and photosynthesis while minimising risk of burning or overdose.

  • FINALEBOOST improves the functions of the plants’ respiratory system by regulating the opening of the stomata. When deficient, plants can wilt unnecessarily.

  • High concentrations of sulphur are put into FINALEBOOST to combine with BLOOMBOOST to give you the high sulphur amounts needed for the ultimate result of aroma, quality and terpene production.

Why use FinaleBoost?

Stimulates fruit and bud maturation

Firmer and more nutritious end product

Improves crop quality by increasing production of sugars and amino acids

Minimises antagonism and lockout of potassium with other nutrients

Powerful stimulating effect on the blooming and finishing process

100% water soluble and organo-mineral leaving no residue

How to use ? 

At minimum, add FINALEBOOST to your reservoir weeks five through eight of the flowering stage. With some plants you may be able to use FINALEBOOST at rates 2 – 3x higher than recommended to increase weight and quality during finishing. Always test on a few plants before applying at these rates.

  • Potassium – Regulator of plant perspiration, fibrous mass enhancer, enzyme activator

  • Sulphur – Component of essential amino acids, aromatic characteristic promotant

  1. Gradually increase FINALEBOOST dosage throughout the bloom cycle from start, whilst still using PEAKBOOST. As FINALEBOOST increases, PEAKBOOST decreases.

    With shorter flowering genetics, you may want to fast track the PEAKBOOST/FINALEBOOST transition so the last 4 – 5 weeks of flower are without PEAKBOOST entirely.

    Foliar references. You don’t want to spray sulphur on your finished pristine flowers.

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