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Save Up To 35% Off Mars Hydro!
Save Up To 35% Off Mars Hydro!

Green Planet Rezin

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$77.37 - $2,238.50
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Rezin was developed to greatly increase plant resin production. Rezin leverages the production of terpenes to amplify the essential oil and aroma profile of your plants. A byproduct of this exact process means that it also improves overall plant health. It will visually improve the œcrystalline appearance of the finished flowers and also improve the growth rate in the vegetative cycle.

Green Planet Reviewed Guide and feed chart kits are the best near you for your DIY Australian systems. Rezin does not contain any plant growth regulators (PGRs) or banned and restricted bio-stimulators. Rezin is made from a combination of Ascorbic, Citric, Gluconic and Lactic Acids created through a proprietary fermentation process. Unlike other products, it will not impact the ppm/EC of your nutrient solution, allowing you to run your base nutrients at full strength.

Great with any Indoor hydroponics system. Some examples of indoor hydroponics systems are Ebb & Flow, Drip Irrigation and Deep Water Culture (DWC).

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