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Save Up To 35% Off Mars Hydro!
Save Up To 35% Off Mars Hydro!

Grodan AO Plug - Carton

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Grodan plugs and blocks are known for their homogeneity and reliability. Grodan plugs will provide a uniform germination and a high succes rate. The shape and firmness of the plugs are of a quality that makes processing significantly easier, whether that processing is mechanical or manual. Every plug has a uniform density, firmness and fibrous structure. This means that distribution of water, nutrients and pH-value is also uniform, which has a beneficial effect on germination results and initial crop development. Grodan has many different AO plugs in various sizes to meet your needs. Each plug has been developed to work ideally with a specific application or crop. To guide you in selecting the best plug for your application, consult the following table.

¢ Square size plugs connected to each other at the top of the plug forming a sheet fitting a 10/20 tray ¢ Plugs have a tapered bottom, for improved transplanting ¢ Ideal plug for the growth of lettuce, leafy greens and herbs in hydroponic systems ¢ Great to use for germinating any seeds in or starting your cuttings in.

¢ Ask your Account Manager about other seedhole sizes ¢ Other height options of plug possible ¢ Plugs loose filled into tray (SBS)

Size:  - AO 36/40“36*36*40 mm

Quantity: - AO 36/40, 98 plugs/sheet, 2940 plugs/carton