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Save Up To 35% Off Mars Hydro!
Save Up To 35% Off Mars Hydro!

Grodan 40 x 40mm / 40 Cubes - Carton

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Grodan MM40/40 Cubes (40x40x40mm) Cubes 2250/Carton

Key benefits

  • Easy irrigation, supporting both vegetative and generative response
  • Improved vertical water distribution
  • Good reliable response under all circumstances

NG2.0 Technology

NG2.0 is the successor of the Next Generation Technology and adds new benefits to the existing advantages. Water distribution has been improved, which results in a better usage of the total volume of the substrate. Continuous new growth of roots in plug, block and slab results in a healthier and more vigorous crop throughout the whole growing season. These benefits translate
into higher yields, improved fruit quality and reduction of sensitivity of the crop to diseases. The technology is available in plugs, blocks and slabs.

Product functionality

WC control range (practical conditions) - 45-78%

Max settling time < 25 seconds

Product specifications

¢ Vertical fiber structure

¢ Inert, hydrophilic fibers

¢ Available in height of 6.5 cm