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Save Up To 35% Off Mars Hydro!
Save Up To 35% Off Mars Hydro!

Growhard Bitch'n

Original price $71.32 - Original price $1,081.06
Original price
$71.32 - $1,081.06
Current price $71.32

Say no to seeds. Bitch'n allows the plant to rebalance its flowering hormone levels by increasing auxin production and decreasing gibberellin production within the plant. $49.18. This formula allows the plant to reduce the hormonal effects of plant stress including heat stress, rapid barometric change or poor/disadvantaged genetic quality. These factors can all lead to the plant trying to reproduce, resulting in seed production and overall loss of target yield, fruit/flower weight and quality. Growhard Reviewed Guide and feed chart kits are the best near you for your DIY Australian systems.

Great with any Indoor hydroponics system. Some examples of indoor hydroponics systems are Ebb & Flow, Drip Irrigation and Deep Water Culture (DWC).

Use: Directly prior to onset of flowering and during flowering. Use on genetics prone to hermaphrodism or on fruits/flowers/ vegetables experiencing (or expecting) unseasonally warm temperatures during fruit/flowering. Prevention, not cure.