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Save Up To 35% Off Mars Hydro!
Save Up To 35% Off Mars Hydro!

JB LED 400w Grow Bar

Original price $1,749.61 - Original price $1,749.61
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$1,749.61 - $1,749.61
Current price $1,749.61

Delivering 400W of powerful lighting, JB LED 400W grow light produces higher intensity illumination to ensure maximum indoor plant yield. This 400W Full-spectrum Hydroponic grow bar is specifically designed to optimise plant propagation during both the grow and bloom phases of plant cultivation. Like all our products this grow light comes with many innovative features designed to help you achieve lower operating costs and make you hydroponics gardens flourish. It Provides well balanced full spectrum LED natural illumination that is more uniform than either HPS or MH lighting. It comes with a dimmer that lets you precisely control light illumination during critical growth phases to help prevent harming sensitive plants and extend the life of the fixture. Its innovative design allows an additional option of 2m extension leads giving you the ability to reconfigure the light to include side or under lighting. 

*Higher intensity, full spectrum 400w LED grow bar

*Osram and Samsung LED chips

*Advanced full-spectrum natural light

*Dimming feature


*LED controller capability

*5 year warranty