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Save Up To 35% Off Mars Hydro!
Save Up To 35% Off Mars Hydro!

Jupiter Light Mover

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Light movers are mechanical devices that move grow lights in a fixed pattern over a garden. They can can increase the coverage light by 140%. The real advantage, is MUCH more light is available to the plants when the light is in motion. With a stationary light, all that is shaded will remain in the shade, with a mover the light hits the plants from all angles, giving better coverage and therefore increased yields.

light movers are available in 2 configurations: rotating arms (like a ceiling fan) and along a rail that moves back and forth.


HID grow lights radiate high temperatures that can burn your plants, so if stationar y they must be kept at a suf ficient height above plants to avoid tissue damage.

Employing a light mover will prevent this damage. The lamps are continually moving, so the lamp to plant distance can be decreased. Light movers allow greater penetration of higher intensity balanced spectrum light to lower areas of the plants,resulting in healthier more compact growth.


Light energy is bound by the laws of light science. The Inverse Square Law tells us that light travelling twice as far from the source is spread over four times the area, so the result is one quarter the intensity.

Those utilising glass plates in air-cooled tubes or shades will NOT be getting 100% of lumens. New good quality flat glass plate will reduce intensity by 4-5%, older dirty glass even more so.


Because plants depend on light for photosynthesis, they have developed a system to detect competition from their neigh- bours and to respond accordingly. Light reflected from neigh- bouring plants is reduced in its red to far-red (R/FR) ratio (Pic b). The phytochrome (PHY) photoreceptors perceive low R/FR and trigger shade-avoidance responses that allow plants to compete for light. These responses include in- creased stem and petiole elongation, due to the reallocation of energy from leaves and fruits to stems.

Have you ever wondered how plants bend toward the light on a windowsill or under stationary lights?

Plants detect wavelengths and intensity of light at all angles. The cells on the shaded side grow quicker and tilt the stem towards the direction of higher intense light. The correct response to a specific light cue depends on the environment. Plants native to sunny environments are sensitive to foliar shade and show robust shade-avoidance. Such changes in shade-avoidance response are adaptive and are due to heritable genetic differences.


If one side of the shoot is in The side of the shoot in the shade the light, auxin diffuses has more auxin so it grows faster, away from the light. causing the shoot to bend towards the light.


Expect approximately a 20% rise in yield, if you stay within certain parameters in regards to how far each lamp is moved etc. The highest figures will be achieved if you move the lamps up to 1 metre. It doesn't sound like much, but testing has proven that this distance is most ef ficient.


Light movers will work with any fixture or lampadaptor unit although the main purpose of using lightmovers is to increase the penetration and distribution of quality light. Therefore it makes sense to use a reflector that concentrates light straight down, instead of spreading it randomly. Recent advances in light ef ficiency testing has proven that horizontal globe mount reflectors are the most effective at distributing HID light energy. For maximum penetration, we advise you use a broadwing or coolcell style of reflector. Try to avoid the œChinamans hat reflectors as the light is poorly returned. The Jupiter 2 can also be successfully used with any LED, LEC, LEP, induction or fluorescent luminaire. For maximum penetration use a closed end, horizontal globe mount reflector.


Kit configurations help you move a number of lights simultaneously! The Jupiter can be adapted to any size production growroom or glasshouse. There are many kit configurations to choose from. We can custom design a system to suit your requirements.


With over 26 years of proven dependability the Jupiter 2 has passed the test of quality and service to the hydroponics industry.
There is no other light mover in the world that has a durable motor unit mechanically engineered to last as long as the Jupiter 2. Capable of working in conjuction with the latest in lighting luminaire technology. Designed as a modular unit,