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Save Up To 35% Off Mars Hydro!
Save Up To 35% Off Mars Hydro!

Mountain Air EC Whisper Silencer Fan 8-10inch

Original price $429.99 - Original price $619.99
Original price
$429.99 - $619.99
Current price $429.99

Mountain Air® EC Whisper Silencer High Speed Fans represent the ideal solution for those looking to combine high performance with whisper-quiet operation. The dual impeller and turbine-style inlet are designed to optimise pressure throughout the fan housing, improving airflow when paired with long or complex ducting runs. Courtesy of the insulated housing, the EC Whisper High Speed fan delivers class-leading performance whilst remaining near-silent even at full power.

  • Air transfer or extraction

  • Class leading performance

  • Duel impeller and turbine style inlet

  • Professional and hobbyists gardens

  • High power output with whisper-quiet operation

  • Ideal for systems requiring shorter ducting lengths

  • Optimised pressure within fan housing improves air flow

150mm/6inch - 

SPECIFICATION 220-240V 110-120V
PRODUCT CODE  J1184  J1183 
FAN SIZE  150mm  6" 
MAX. AIR FLOW  594m3/h  350CFM 
MAX. STATIC PRESSURE  472Pa  0.0685psi 



200mm/8inch - 

SPECIFICATION 220~240V 110~120V
PRODUCT CODE  J1188  J1189 
FAN SIZE  200mm  8" 
MAX. AIRFLOW  1205m3/h  710CFM 
MAX. STATIC PRESURE  498Pa  0.0722psi 
MAX. CURRENT  0.88A   1.20A 


250mm/10inch -  

SPECIFICATION 220~240V 110~120V
PRODUCT CODE  J1192  J1191 
FAN SIZE  250mm  10" 
MAX. AIRFLOW  1808m3/h  1065CFM 
MAX. STATIC PRESSURE  494Pa  0.0716psi 
MAX. CURRENT  1.38A   2.00A