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Save Up To 35% Off Mars Hydro!
Save Up To 35% Off Mars Hydro!

Pro Grow Metal Halide Double Ended Lamps

Original price $157.23 - Original price $199.58
Original price
$157.23 - $199.58
Current price $157.23

Up to 24% more output that a single ended equivalent. Pro Grow hydroponic HPS grow lights, best yield with watts from bulb in Australia. Pro Grow DE Metal Halide digital lamps are available in a broad range of colour temperatures expressed as Kelvin. With this in mind, the connoisseur, medicinal and specialist grower can choose a lamp that provides the best spectral output for their specific requirements. Featuring Pulse Start technology and up-rated components specifically tuned for use with high frequency digital ballasts.

Great with any Indoor hydroponics system. Some examples of indoor hydroponics systems are Ebb & Flow, Drip Irrigation and Deep Water Culture (DWC).