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Save Up To 35% Off Mars Hydro!
Save Up To 35% Off Mars Hydro!

PSI - Pure Uncut Mono Silic Acid

Original price $60.45 - Original price $822.75
Original price
$60.45 - $822.75
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Features & Benefits

  • PSI is a powerful version of stabilized, bio available mono/ortho silicic acid for crops.
  • PSI has been manufactured with a new process that makes it 30% more effective than any other mono silicic acid products on the market and at a price that everyone can use and see amazing results .
  • PSI is a synergistic organic engine that increases nutrient absorption, and the bio availability of all other nutrients by acting as an efficient transporter.
  • PSI also helps to self-regulate internodal spacing, especially handy in times of environmental stresses.
  • Increases resistance against abiotic stress (drought, salinity, heavy metals) and biotic stress (mould and pests).
  • Significantly reduces leaf transpiration (moisture loss).
  • Stable and safe without creating any unwanted residue.
  • Does not raise the pH of your water or nutrient solution.
  • Suitable for all types of crops.

Usage and Tips

  • 0.15 mL/L (30 mL per 200 L)
  • Double strength to reduce internodal spacing 0.3 mL /L (60 mL per 200 L)
  • Foliar 1 mL/L
  • Foliar Repair Mode 2 mL/L