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Save Up To 35% Off Mars Hydro!
Save Up To 35% Off Mars Hydro!

Nutriculture X-Stream 20

Original price $193.59 - Original price $580.79
Original price
$193.59 - $580.79
Current price $193.59

The X-Stream aeroponic propagator creates perfect conditions for cultivating cuttings reliably and quickly.

The mist prevents root rot and drying out and provides unrestricted access to oxygen, the large vents in the lid provide humidity control, and the heated version enables you to raise cuttings in an unheated area all year.

Because the mist is constant, there's no need to monitor water levels every day.

A higher % of your cuttings will root (many growers report 100% success rates) and the plants will be faster growing and more resistant to stress and disease throughout their life thanks to their incredibly healthy start.

X-Stream aeroponic propagators have grooves in the lid to fit the Sunblaster T5 propagation lights. These nanotech enhanced lights run cool enough to be placed onto the propagator lids with zero risk of damage. 

The X-Stream creates the perfect environment for root development which dramatically improves the success rate of cuttings and speeds up their root development. The condition of the cuttings can be checked quickly with minimal impact on the cutting ensuring that the cuttings are as healthy as possible when they are potted on.


Pump leave the pump on 24/7~

Feeding when roots begin to show add nutrients at a quarter of the manufacturers recommended dosage.

Ventilation once roots are showing, open the vents slightly. Gradually increase the opening every day and remove the lid completely to harden off for a couple of days before transplanting on.

Rooting gels and powder can still be used. When the cutting is dipped, all active ingredients are absorbed immediately and will not be ˜washed off' by the misting.

Transplanting into soil or coco

Remove from the X-Stream when roots begin to poke through the mesh pot. Pot on into 3 or 4 pots and grow on for a few days before transplanting on.

Transplanting into hydro

Remove from the X-Stream when roots have grown 3 to 4 from the bottom of the mesh pot. Transplant directly into the hydro system.

Transplanting into rockwool

Remove from the X-Stream when roots have grown 3 to 4 from the bottom of the mesh pot. Punch a hole in the bottom of a 3 or 4œ cube, sandwich the cutting between two halves of an Grodan SBS cube allowing the roots to trail through the punched hole. Transplant immediately.